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Where Two or Three

Posted 1/17/2024

The Bible declares that one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight.  In the sermon outline, "Where Two or Three", I want to share some very powerful insights with you about coming together in Jesus' name.  So lets get started by clicking , (read more). 




Scripture Reading: Let's begin by reading the verse together. Matthew 18:20 (KJV) states: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."


  1. The Context of Matthew 18:20:

    • In the preceding verses, Jesus addresses the process of reconciliation within the community of believers. He speaks about resolving conflicts and seeking restoration. Matthew 18:20 follows this discourse, emphasizing God's presence when believers come together.
  2. The Significance of Gathering in His Name:

    • Notice that the verse says, "where two or three gather in my name." Gathering in the name of Jesus goes beyond physical proximity. It implies a gathering with a shared purpose, centered on Christ Jesus and His teachings.
  3. The Promise of Divine Presence:

    • The assurance given by Jesus is powerful: "there am I with them." This promise underscores the importance of unity in His name. When believers come together with a shared focus on Christ, His presence is manifest among them. Anything becomes possible.  
  4. The Power of Small Gatherings:

    • It's noteworthy that Jesus mentions "two or three." This emphasizes that the power of unity is not dependent on the size of the group or where the group is. Even in small home gatherings, when hearts are united in Christ, His presence is manifest.  Yes, right in your own home.
  5. Application in our Lives:

    • How does Matthew 18:20 impact our lives today? It calls us to prioritize unity, love, and reconciliation in our relationships. Whether in our families, churches, or communities, the power of Christ's presence is unleashed when we come together in the mighty name of Jesus.

Conclusion: As we reflect on Matthew 18:20, let us be encouraged to foster unity within our Christian communities. May we seek reconciliation, prioritize love, and gather in His name. Remember, when we unite in Christ, His presence is not just a promise but a reality in our midst. May this truth guide us as we navigate the journey of faith together.

Closing Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for the powerful promise of Matthew 18:20. Help us, Lord, to embrace unity in our lives and communities. May our gatherings be centered on Your name, and may Your presence be tangible among us. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.